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General Information

Pursuant to Article V of the Florida Constitution and Section 28 of the Florida Statutes, the Clerk of the Circuit Court is the official recorder of all instruments that may, by law, be recorded in the county. The Clerk is required to record all instruments in one general series of books called the "Official Records." The Clerk must keep a register in which are entered the names of the parties to the instrument, the kind of instrument, the filing number of the instrument, and the date and time of filing.

As recorder, the Clerk is responsible for keeping all papers filed in the office with the County's Official Records a variety of instruments such as: deeds, leases, bills of sale, agreements, mortgages, judgments, claims of lien, satisfactions, certificates of discharge, from military service, and any other instrument required or authorized by law to be recorded.

Monroe County Clerk's Office is making every effort to serve the public in an efficient, professional and courteous manner. We continue to educate personnel and upgrade technology and services. We now have the ability to record documents in all locations. Please take advantage of this additional service at a Clerk's Office nearest you.

We are located at:
Key West Courthouse
500 Whitehead Street
Key West, FL  33040
Clerk of Court
3117 Overseas Highway
Marathon, FL  33050
Clerk of Court
88820 Overseas Highway
Plantation Key, FL  33070

Preparation of Instruments for Recording
Since changes cannot be made once the instrument has been recorded, please check the following:

  • Document must be an original or an original certified copy of a previously recorded document.
  • Document must be notarized.
  • 3" by 3" blank space in upper right corner of the first page.
  • 1" by 3" blank space on each subsequent page.
  • Legible, black print of typing for best reproduction by microfilm or photographing.
  • Date the body of the instrument.
  • Grantee's mailing address, if transfer of interest is real estate. (Example: Deeds, Agreements and Contracts for Deeds)
  • Affix the name and address of person to whom instrument is to be returned on the front of the instrument.
  • On instruments by which the title to real estate or any interest therein of lien thereon is conveyed, created, encumbered, assigned, or otherwise disposed of, the name and address of the person who prepared the instrument must be printed, typewritten or stamped on the face of the instrument in a legible manner. (Instruments executed or acknowledged outside of the State, or before January 1, 1968, are exempt.)
  • Description of real or personal property, if any.
  • Signature(s) should agree with name(s) in the body of the instrument and should be legible and correctly spelled.
  • Signature(s) to be attested by two witnesses (transfer of any property).
  • Acknowledgment of person(s) executing the instrument.
  • Notary public seal and expiration date (for out of state notary - if the acknowledgment or proof is made before a notary public who does not affix a seal, it shall be sufficient for the notary public to type, print or write by hand on the instrument, "I am a notary public of the State of _______ and my commission expires on _______.(date)")
  • Corporate seal, if applicable.
  • A self addressed, stamped envelope is required for all documents.

Your original documents will be recorded, scanned, microfilmed, and the original recorded documents returned to you in approximately three weeks.

Recording Fees are as follows:
  • $10.00 for the first page. $8.50 for each additional page of the same document.
  • If the document contains more than 4 names to index, there is an additional charge of $1.00 per name.
  • Documentary Stamp Tax on Deeds is $.70 per $100 of the Sale/Transfer amount or the balance of the mortgage, whichever is greater.
  • Intangible Tax on a Mortgage is 2 mills or .002 x Mortgage amount. Documentary Stamp Tax on a Mortgage is $.35 per $100 of the mortgage amount.

    If you have additional questions regarding the Documentary Stamp Tax or the Intangible Tax, please contact the Florida Department of Revenue at 1-850-488-6800.

Mail-in Recording
Make sure your check is payable to "Clerk of Circuit Court" and send the original documents for recording and your check or the appropriate fees to the Clerk's Office.
Key West Courthouse
500 Whitehead Street
Key West, FL  33040

Declaration of Domicile Forms
A Declaration of Domicile is a sworn statement that you are a bona fide resident and maintain a place of abode in the county.

A Declaration of Domicile is not an application for Homestead Exemption.

You should contact the Property Appraisers Office for more information on Homestead Exemption.

Fictitious Name
Contact the Office of the Secretary of State
Fictitious Name Registration
P.O. Box 1300
Tallahassee, FL  32302-1300

Internet: Fictitious Name Registration

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